John Caldwell Testimonial
John Caldwell / David Howell | December 16th, 2014
Caldwell Vineyards, Napa Valley
David Howell Website

A synopsis of comments by vintner, viticulturist, and wine expert John Caldwell to David Howell after tasting Walpole Mountain View Winery’s dry red blend -- Howell Mélange Noir: 

"This is the best wine made from French-American and Cold-Climate grapes that I have ever tasted. The wine tastes ripe, a nice fruit acid balance. I am bit puzzled because the look and feel of the wine is as if it's from a warm region, like northern Italy, yet it has a Burgundian mouth feel and could even be a Beaujolais wine." - John Caldwell

John Caldwell
Vintner. Smuggler. Legend.

Caldwell is about love and family (you can taste it in our wines). But around here, it’s a little bit about mischief too…

He’s known by many names but here in legendary Napa Valley, he’s a legend all his own. The original wine industry maverick, John is the man responsible for introducing the most prized Bordeaux root stock and grapevine clones to California. Now considered the industry standard in U.S. vineyards, John worked with the French government to create and license the Entav-Inra clones for all of North America.

Through this larger-than-life odyssey, John has helped to revolutionize the foundation of modern winemaking in the United States. John planted the Caldwell vineyard in 1982. Since then, he’s sold grapes to some pretty heavy hitters over the years including:

Moone Tsai (Philippe Melka), Merus and Brion (Mark Herold), Pahlmeyer (Helen Turley), Patz and Hall, Joseph Phelps’ Insignia, Stephane Derenoncourt and a heap of others.

Virginia Carter, vintner and viticulturist of Walpole Mountain View Winery at Barnett Hill Vineyard, has been making signature wine blends with David Howell since the vineyard’s 2010 vintage.  To learn more about David Howell, artist, author, and retired professor of Earth Sciences at Stanford University:   http://www.dghowellfarm.com/bio.html


New Hampshire Chronicle - Winery Tour Video
Cindy Jupp-Jones | October 20th, 2014
NH Chronicle Website

The New Hampshire Chronicle did an amazing 6 minute video tour of our winery, vineyard, tasting room, and harvest activities! Check out the full video by clicking on the picture above. Or click this link to visit their webpage.

"We visit a wine maker right here in New Hampshire. Virginia Carter started her vineyard in Walpole NH and has grown it to include 32 French-American and cold climate grape varieties." - NH Chronicle


Welcome to the Walpole Napa
Roxanne Rubell | July 28, 2013 | Full PDF Version
Keene Sentinel

winery nh vineyardMy GPS and I are at odds as I wind my way through the hills of Walpole. So I’m relegated to MapQuest, which first sends me to Charlestown before turning me back around in the direction of Walpole ... Left turn, right turn, bear right, go up the hill, turn left, bear left again, destination will be on your right.

Thankfully, the scenery is soothing, because frustration has been trying to push my buttons and I’m a half-hour late to meet Virginia. Virginia Carter, owner of and winemaker for Walpole Mountain View Winery at Barnett Hills Vineyards, is an absolute doppelganger for Meryl Streep. Of course, she’s heard this many times, so when I mention it, she sort of rolls her eyes but smiles at the same time.

It’s showtime at the winery as they’re officially open for the season, meaning an influx of local wine lovers and tourists, and public and private tastings, along with private parties and special events that are on the books for the coming months.

Being a successful vintner in New Hampshire is not an easy feat, although it’s not as much of an anomaly as one might think. New Hampshire’s first winery, South Hampton’s Jewell Towne Vineyards, opened in 1994. Since then, winemaking in the state has experienced steady growth — there are now more than 23 licensed wine manufacturers producing a myriad of different varietals... read more


Walpole Woman Works Hard to Turn Family Land into Vineyard
Damien Fisher | July 6, 2013 | Full PDF Version
Eagle Times

walpole new hampshireMore than a dozen years ago, Virginia Carter looked out at the property she and her family planned to buy. There are green hills sloping down to the valley, plenty of sun and just the right amount of wind.

"I said to myself, 'If this were anywhere else in the world, it would be a vineyard," Carter said. The Walpole property looks out onto the valley below, and in the distance there are mountains. The view from the grounds extends all the way to New York state.

Back then, in 2000, there was simply no way to grow grapes in cold climates. Concord grapes can thrive in New Hampshire in the right conditions, but grapes for wine need warmer weather during harvesting than the Granite State offers. That was the conventional wisdom at the time, at any rate... read more


Harvesting Grapes in New Hampshire
Ting Gough | Full PDF Version
Ting Playing with Food

ting playing with foodEach October my Wayback friends (yes, we go way back) and I get together and volunteer for the grape harvest at the Barnett Hill Vineyard at Walpole Mountain View Winery.

I'm just in awe of what it takes to run a vineyard...planting, trellising, pruning, tying, harvesting etc, not to mention the winemaking parts about crushing, tasting, bottling, aging and selling.

So about five years ago, when the call came seeking volunteers to help pick grapes, we didn't need much convincing and it has become our annual fall ritual... read more


Winery Wins Farm of Distinction 2012
Domenic Poli | Full PDF Version
Brattleboro Reformer

brattleboro_reformerWhen Virginia Carter wins an award, she isn't the type to crack open a bottle of bubbly. No, a nice vintage red wine will suit her just fine. Besides, opening some champagne might be messy. And she wouldn't want that.

When she was informed in December that her Walpole Mountain View Winery had won the 2012 Farm of Distinction Award, she said the honor would mean so much to every vineyard and farm in the Granite State that works hard to make their business pleasing to the eye.

"It's just so gratifying and it feels so good and amazing," the winery's owner and vintner said in a telephone interview. "We try to keep everything looking nice and very presentable. "We want to represent the state of New Hampshire in a positive light," she continued.

"We take it very seriously." The Farm of Distinction Award is given to a farm that maintains its beauty and stays aesthetically pleasing... read more


Keene State Chef Wins Challenge w/ B.H.Vineyard 2010 Lacrosse
Michael Brindly | Full PDF Version
The Telegraph

keene_chef_wins_challengeLunch is usually pretty good in the dining hall at Rivier College, said senior Tajh Stokes. A slice of pizza, some fries, maybe a sandwich. Wednesday’s lunch, however, was a little more upscale.

Chicken and cheese tortellini, Portuguese-style fresh Maine mussels with linguica, and pulled chipotle maple barbecue chicken on grilled Gorgonzola garlic bread were just a few of the dishes Stokes was in the process of devouring as he sat with a group of friends at a table in the Dion Center.

“I tried everything, honestly,” Stokes said. “The mussels are amazing.” Stokes couldn’t stop raving about the quality of the food he had been treated to as part of an event celebrating local food sponsored by Sodexo food services. The Localvore Culinary Challenge brought chefs from Rivier and eight other local colleges to the Nashua campus Wednesday to treat diners to dishes made from locally purchased food. The competition is meant to highlight local foods, but also the talents of the chefs working at the participating colleges, said Phil Harty, Sodexo district manager.

“We require all of our vendors to source locally first,” Harty said, estimating that 20 percent of the food served at the colleges are local products... read more


Vine Time
Michael Moore | April 13, 2012| Full PDF Version
Keene Sentinel

The annual pruning of the grapevines is under way at the Walpole Mountain View Winery. It takes almost 20 part-time workers three to four weeks to prune the dead growth, leaving the renewal growth to ensure that high-quality grapes are grown.

Some of this year’s pruners working the vineyard last Wednesday morning are, from left, Charlie Bush of South Acworth, Madeline Van Koughnett, Bob Grenier and Adam Beckta, all of Walpole.


Winery Wins Farm Distinction Award
Joe Milliken | March 7, 2012 | Full PDF Version adobe pdf link
VT Journal

Located at Barnett Hill Vineyard in Walpole, the Walpole Mountain View Winery is indeed, a unique establishment. And not just because New Hampshire isn't exactly the most ideal climate for growing grapes. Although in recent years, more and more wineries "are' beginning to crop up throughout New Hampshire and Vermont.

When asked what the biggest challenge was as far as growing in the Northeast climate, Virginia Carter, owner said, “Determining the best grape cultivars for our unique "terroir" (i.e. the French word that encompasses the whole concept of climate, weather/rainfall, sun orientation, wind amount/direction, and soil/mineral conditions). These need to be grapes that ripen early, have enough growing time to develop complex flavors, are disease resistant (we're trying to stay as "organic" as possible), and that cannot only survive, but thrive, through our cold... read more.


2012 Farm of the Year Award
February 3, 2012
Keene Sentinel
Walpole Mountain View Winery at Barnett Hill Vineyard, Walpole, NH, is presented with their "2012 Farm of Distinction Award" by the N.H. Commissioner of Agriculture, Lorraine Merrill, during a ceremony at the N.H. Farm and Forest Expo in Manchester, NH, on Friday, February 3rd.

From left to right: N.H. State Representative Tara Sad, N.H. Dept. of Agriculture Commissioner Lorraine Merrill, and vineyard/farm-owner family: Paul, Mariah, and Nick Kranowski, and Virginia Carter (vintner).

To be nominated, a farm must be a commercial farm, must have signage, must be pleasing in appearance (buildings and fences in good repair and painted as appropriate, hedgerows trimmed, fields well tended/orchards mowed, equipment stored or parked neatly), and the farm view as seen from a public way or by public invited approach from the driveway (public invited through roadside signs, advertising, etc.) must be attractive.

When a farm is nominated, N.H. Dept. of Agriculture, Markets & Food staff come and take photos to be used by the selection committee each December.

Sip and Swirl
Rich Collins | May 2, 2011 | Full PDF Version adobe pdf link
New Hampshire ToDo
sip and swirlOn the west side of New Hampshire is a winemaker on a mission - Virginia Carter, owner of Walpole Mountain View Winery at Barnett Hill Vineyard. Virginia's operation is truly unique from the ground up: she's the only female viticulturalist, female enologist, and female-owned winery operation to date.

And to keep her on her toes, she has perhaps the most difficult climate of all the local vineyards to contend with. As a result, she has chosen to build her vineyard operation around the fact that only the strongest will survive - in this case, the grapes that are mostly cold hardy.... read more

Meet Marechal Foch
Paulette Eschrich | October 4, 2010 | Full PDF Version adobe pdf link
The Hippo
meet marechal fochIn June, I attended the first New Hampshire Winery Association “Live Free & Wine” Festival. At the time I noted that many of the wineries produce a red wine from the Marechal Foch varietal. Some wineries actually grow their own “Foch,” as it is often called, and others purchase the grapes and/or juice from farmers in New York

Fast forward to September, when my monthly Wine Book Club selection was Jim Beauregard’s New Hampshire Wine. That presented the perfect opportunity to collect bottles of as many Marechal Foch wines as I could that were produced by New Hampshire winemakers... read more


Wine & Cheese Trials 2010
August 1, 2010 | Full PDF Version adobe pdf link
Visit NH.gov
wine and cheese trails nh 2010Wine & cheese - and the growing list of restaurants and lodgings extending a special welcome to those who love them both - is an expression of New Hampshire's commitment to bringing the best from farm to table, a movement that is formalized in the Farm to Restaurant collaboration between growers, producers and chefs.

Visit New Hampshire and experience the culinary passion that is alive and well throughout the state. Below you'll find a NH wine & cheese itinerary as well as a printable wine & cheese brochure to help plan your trip...read more


Harvesting Wine Grapes Photogallery
Amy D. | October 25, 2009 | Full PDF Version adobe pdf link
Capture My World
harvesting wine grapesWhat a fun day I had picking grapes with Ting and Gail in Walpole, NH! We had the perfect day, sunny, cool and the best views anywhere. Virginia Carter, owner of Barnett Hill Vineyard in Walpole offers volunteers the opportunity to harvest the grapes she grows and offers lunch for your troubles. Only it's no trouble at all, the pleasure was all mine.

If you are interested in participating in the grape picking you can email her and sign up for a morning or afternoon harvest, Ginny provides all the supplies and instruction, no experience necessary. Her email is vineyard@sover.net. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until next Fall... read more


Cold Climate Grapes
Kathleen Hatt | May 10, 2008 | Full PDF Version adobe pdf link
Growing Magazine

cold climate grapesFrom a Web search of “cold climate grapes,” Carter discovered there are indeed varieties which will grow in Zone 4B. Many were developed by the University of Minnesota with the help of Elmer Swenson, a man whose life work was hybridizing French-American vines that could withstand temperatures of minus 30 to minus 50 degrees. 

A variety called Frontenac, for example, is deemed hardy to minus 35 degrees. It is among the 28 varieties Carter has selected for her Walpole Mountain View Winery at Barnett Hill Vineyard...read more

A Vineyard with a View
Sue Bingaman | June 17, 2007| Full PDF Version adobe pdf link
The Walpolean

vineyard with a viewThink you have to go to California or France to see a vineyard and a winery? And a spectacular view? Not so!

Right in Walpole, on a scenic southerly slope high on Barnett Hill, the newly developed Barnett Hill Vineyard commands a view of the Connecticut River Valley and half of Vermont. And, this year, produced its first vintage.

Only planted four years ago, the vineyard was conceived, researched, planned and executed by one ambitious woman: Virginia Carter. She has done her homework. She reads about wineries, attends workshops and seminars, visits wineries some in Napa and Sonoma, CA,consults with the UNH Cooperative Extension Service, and mentors under Peter Oldah owner of the award-winning winery "Jewell Town" in South Hampton, NH near the coast...read more

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